Monday, January 28, 2008

I have four main goals for this year:

1. Get healthy

2. Keep up my blog better

3. Do more charity work

4. Finish up some UFO's (unfinished objects)

I have been working on American Hero blocks for another person in my WASIQ (Washington State Internet Quilt group). Here are four pictures. Will sew more blocks today and mail them to Julie tomorrow.
I also belong to an internet crazy quilting group (CQ for Newbies). We do a lot of swaps and row robins (working on other peoples work). Here is a block I made for our spring swap. It is currently "naked" - a term for blocks before they are emnellished. Will embellish 1/2 of the block and then send it on to someone else who will finish the embellishment on mine while I work on 1/2 of hers. Then we will return our blocks to their original owners.

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Carolyn and Charlie said...

howdy sue:
alice emailed us your health update. best wishes from us!!! and, in this process we discovered your blog! good one!!

all our best to you, scott, tammy and tory, tara and ricky.

much love from eureka,
charlie and carolyn