Friday, January 25, 2008

Sue's Health Update

Thought this might be the best way to let folks know what I learned at my last doctors appointment a couple of days ago. There is good news. No lupus, RA, bone cancer, lymphoma or hidden melanomas. My system does seem to be in a bit of a mess, but we all knew that. Where to start. Everything found can lead to extreme fatigue and chronic pain.
Here goes with the major stuff we are working on right now:
1. Digestive system - little good bacteria (needed to absorb vitamins, minerals, etc). Total overgrowth with yeast. Treatment: No yeast diet (too restrictive to list. I can eat most vegetables, two fresh fruit’s a day and lean meats. No sugars or starches of any type. No milk products. Am taking diflucan once a day for the next three months (horrible stuff), anti yeast supplements and probiotics (good bacteria). I am absorbing very little.
Not absorbing vitamin D has led to a calcium deficiency, but calcium is not the answer. Mega doses daily of vitamin D and more sunshine (know where I can find some?).
2. Anemia - iron tablets. Also pernicious anemia (very little vitamin B-12). Most folks take one shot of B-12 monthly. My shots are twice weekly for the next three months. Then hopefully, once a month for life. Thank goodness for friends and family who are nurses so I do not have to give myself the shots in my thighs. Even when we go to Germany, both Tammy and Tory are nurses, so my bases are covered.
3. Thyroid - Still very low. Doc says she will be increasing my dose significantly, but it must be done slowly. Will be on that for life. As a result, I have no active T3’s to keep me awake and busy. My are all the inactive T3’s telling my body to slow down and rest. Hopefully the thyroid med will reverse this. Thyroid is also needed to make hormones. So for now, I am also on cortisone. Not too happy about that, but doc says it is short term - at least for three months.
I passed my pee test so I can take estrogen without increased risk of breast cancer, but I am also too low on testosterone and progesterone, so the only form of hormones for me is the shots. Doc says no more shots until the B12 is under control. Then we will chat about risk/benefit.
My bones are producing too many red blood cells. Not related to cancer, so that is good. Again, adds to the fatigue and pain, but the treatment is shots, so we will wait on that also until the thyroid and B12 are more under control.
Doc thinks she can have me 60% back to normal in three months. Do anyone know what that is? Has been too long for me to remember. Then we will also consider other treatment options. So, if all goes well, the fibromyalgia will not be cured, but many of the underlying causes will be alleviated. Keep your fingers crossed and hope this unconventional approach has merit. It makes good scientific sense to me.


Gerry said...

Gosh, you've been through an ordeal, haven't you? Sending best wishes for better health!

Crazy Judyth's Stuff said...

I flagged your message of the other day so I could answer it and tell you how glad I was that no cancer was found. I just now remembered that I hadn't gotten around to answer it. Bet you think that I don't care. Well, you're wrong. I do. A whole lot.
Hang in there. You and I both know that you can do this. If you need any help............
Love you bunches and bunches
Crazy Judyth

SOH 2007 said...

Sue, I am so glad the news was better than it could have been. Praise the good Lord for that, but I know you have a long road to travel to better health and my heart and prayers are with you. I have to make sure my probiotics are taken, too. I make kefir and drink it and even eat the kefir grains sometimes. My daughters call me a 'hippie'. Keep on keepin' on, Sue!
bless ya

Judy S. said...

Hey Sue,

We are practically neighbors! Not really as I live in south Bellevue, but that's not as far away as most of the CQ folks. Glad your docs were able to start you on the road back to health. I had a bad year in '07, and it's not fun.

BTW I love your bear blanket! Looks like you're going to be busy doing some more with all those little ones soon to arrive.

Take care, and feel better soon.

Judy said...

Wow, I'm glad there was not cancer but they sure found a bunch of other stuff. Take care of yourself. We have some serious retreating to do and it's coming up fast.
luv ya, see you soon.

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Sue, They really ran you through the mill, didn't they? But it sounds like they found out lots of valuable information, so it will be worth it. I have an underactive thyroid and have been on replacement pills for that for over 13 years. When that's under control, it's a piece of cake. Getting the dose right can take awhile, but then just a yearly blood check will help keep it that way. I'll be thinking about you as we work on our spring blocks, and saying a little prayer for your health with each stitch!