Monday, March 23, 2009

I'mani and Tammy went home yesterday. I miss them so much already. The house is so quiet. The cats are happy to have their house back. They were out of sorts. It was wonderful to spend time with both girls and I'mani. I hope to see them again this summer.
Mommy and me at my birthday party.

See my balloons up there? I love balloons.

Mommy and me opening presents.

On my birthday at the restaurant. We went to Olive Garden. I had spaghetti.

Mommy and Me at my birthday party.

Mommy and me at the zoo.

Me and my Great Grandma Rose. See our look alike sweaters?

Me and my grandpa at the zoo. The slide was wet, s o it did not go very fast.

Auntie Tara put me to sleep.

I LOVE birthday cake. It was yummy good.

Grandpa helped me ride my new airplane. I LOVE pushing the buttons and playing with the propeller, but my legs are a little short to ride it myself!

Grandma and grandpa got me this terrific toy with lots of buttons. It plays music and talks in English and Spanish. I do love pushing buttons!!!!!